Written by: Martina Egli

Towards the end of last week I decided on impulse to take a trip to Scotland and try and grab some images. As I left London from Kings Cross, the sun was shining and the weather seemed pretty good for photography… little did I know! As the train headed further north, so the weather got worse and worse- by the time we arrived in Stirling, Scotland was in the grip of hurricane force winds and torrential rain, hail and sleet!

Several times we almost considered declaring the trip a write-off and huddling up for the weekend, safe and sound in-doors and away from the elements.

Thankfully I didn’t and thanks to the weather sealing on my 5D and a nifty little camera-raincoat I take with me everywhere, I managed to snag some great shots. In-fact I think the weather added to the drama of the pictures.

This week I’ll share the results with you. I hope you’ll enjoy them!



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