Love is in the Air

Wow, I barely made it! I have been redecorating my office for the past two weeks and just when I think I’m done and can post an image for one of my favourite days of the year my internet connection goes down… I’m posting this via an iPhone. I hope...

London #8

Love-Padlocks on Millennium Bridge One of my favourite modern phenomena are the Little “Love-Padlocks” that we observant types have noticed springing up on bridges and fences around the world  – Symbols of Love and affection, of the unspoken strength...

The Kiss

Congratulations to Barbara and Alain!! I’m back! We had a lot of fun shooting this wedding, so you probabaly see more photos from the event in the coming days. 🙂  

Hand in Hand

This is the last of this series, I hope you enjoyed it. It’s wedding season and I have a busy few weeks with photo-shoots, so I’ll post some more wedding photography soon. For now though, look for a splash of colour on the blog tomorrow. 😉 “Where...

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