Experiments in Fruiticular Theory.

Written by: Martina Egli

I must confess that I have a predilection for simple, uncomplicated cakes. Cheesecake for example. However, once I’d laid eyes on this particular gateaux I just knew that I would have to make an exception- all in the name of a good photo of course!

The gateaux was adorned with about fifteen varieties of berries, which is truthfully more than I knew existed and surely violates the first law of fruiticular theory; which stipulates that the number of berries on a cake cannot exceed the number of days in a  week!* (I just made that up…)

As they say, the proof of the pudding… Hmmm Glorious.

*The consequences of violating this law are a gateauxrific disaster. (Also made up.)

You can see more of my Food Photography here.


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