I’m constantly amazed by my little GF1 camera. It’s form factor is perfect for long hikes, and it’s sharpness and rendition are really quite beautiful. It really is liberating not to have to lug heavy camera gear and still be able to “get the shot.” The only downside to its fantastic little pancake lens is its narrowness. Thank goodness for modern technology and photoshop!

This is another stitched panorama;Β  I’m especially happy that I managed to capture last of the winter snow being blown over the top of the range, on the left hand side of the image. I think it turns an otherwise static image into something a little dynamic.

A Black and White image of an Alpine mountain range.

I’ve included a Black and white close up of part of the mountain range; Black and White and mountains go so well together!Β  πŸ˜‰



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