This image marks the beginning of my new series. Fluid Dynamics.

Inspired in part by my favourite artists, Gilbert and George- I am going to try an experimental series that looks at fluid dynamics through the lens.

Gilbert and George’s magnificent retrospective at the Tate in 2007 is perhaps my favourite exhibition of all time- it was vibrant, daring and a truer reflection of modern Britain than I have ever seen. (Perhaps the Tate’s most serious failing is that you can no longer see any of their work displayed in the gallery.)

They are artists who have whole heartedly embraced the photographic medium –   doing so at a time when many critics looked down their noses at photography as somehow less than artistic- it was brave and pioneering. Hearing them talk about their love of photography is a pleasure. Photography and photographers owe them at least some small gratitude for standing by the medium so staunchly.

I have always found Gilbert and George’s willingness to experiment with new materials and new forms of sculpture inspiring- Thinking about their work has prompted this series. I hope you enjoy it.


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