Written by: Martina Egli

It’s 8pm on Sunday evening and my boyfriend is at war with Gandhi. Civilization, with a Z, hangs in the balance… No, you read that right, my boyfriend is currently competing against Gandhi for domination of the world as we know it- in Civilization V. He’s also by all accounts, losing! (Sorry darling.)

For those of you that don’t know, (count yourselves lucky!) Civilization V or Civ V as it is affectionately known as to it’s victims was released around the world last week. It’s a fiendishly addictive turn based strategy game and it’s a massive, massive time-sink. The motto of the game is “just one more turn,” and I can see why. Time to do the dishes? Just one more turn! How about dinner? Just one more turn! A walk in the park then? Just one more turn!

The fact that the game is named Civilization, seems like a cruel joke, the ultimate of ironies as surely this is how civilisation ends!


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