American pancakes with maple syrup and bluerberries on a white plate. © 2012 Martina Egli. All rights reserved.

Breakfast: American Pancakes

This was the quickest photo-shoot I’ve ever done – one take, and then on to the eating :)

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

— Adelle Davis 1904-1974

You can see more of my food photography here.


American pancakes with maple syrup and bluerberries on a white plate.
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  1. Looks like we are getting to the ‘real things’ now. What a mouth-watering capture of this yummy-looking stack of pancakes!

  2. another mouth-watering shot, love it

  3. Looks nice – and for a one frame take looks even better!

  4. Wonderful, both photo and breakfast. I love american pancakes…. yum! :)

  5. e

    It’s look great and happy.

  6. Hmmmmm, Martina, sooo delicious.
    It would be beautiful, if there are taste computers ! :-)

  7. I’ve arrived here after seeing from your muesli post, Martina, I can see that breakfast has now become more fattening! Never mind… With an image as enticing as this, who cares! Wonderful work!

    PS. I’ve followed your link to that gallery of food shots. What beautifully crafted images they are. The only problem now is that I want a slice of th cheesecake and a strong expresso!

  8. très jolie gourmandise ! mmmmmmmmmm!!!

  9. ONE TAKE? How wonderful – and it’s perfect.
    I’m sure it was delicious.
    What a great quote, too. Something to remember when I crave that midnight snack!

  10. Yet another power-packed light serving(s) – tempting! [ we serve “these stuffy” onboard… a great way to fly with (HA!) ]. Charming series of work I’m enjoying…

  11. I don’t know if I could have held out long enough to take even one shot – I’d have had to compose to hide the bites out of the back :)

  12. Oh I love those pancakes…:-)
    I like the light and the angel in this shot…

  13. One of my favorites, which I try not to eat too often in the continuing battle of the waistline. It’s also delicious to mix the fresh blueberry’s in the pancake batter before popping them on the griddle. Then you get a burst of juice and favor within bites of pancakes. This photo was certainly good enough to make my mouth water. :-)

  14. exquisite result, wonderful in presentation Martina another elegant photo in this personal and creative style… compliments

  15. Wow, you have a way with food! Glad I saw your link on “Meandering Passage”. Great shot!

  16. I looooove pancakes – great composition and light. My compliments.

  17. one word…YUM! Wonderful blueberry pancakes, makes me really want a stack!

  18. Fabulous food photography. The presentation and selective focus are just excellent!

  19. This cheers me up Martina!!! What a great photo you made here!!

  20. fantastic Martina, your work is always creative …

  21. Oh this looks delicious!

  22. Yumm !! so nicely captured, you’d feel like eating some !! :)

  23. I’ve never seen blueberries and pancake look so good….yum!

  24. well we are in the States for the next six months, we better try this out a few times :)

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