Bubbles on ice cubes. © 2011 Martina Egli. All rights reserved.

Fluid Dynamics #7: Bubbles on Ice

I don’t mind telling you that this one was a bit of a headache! In concept it seemed like a nice idea, easy to implement – but in practice, framing and depth of field proved to be particularly troublesome. The shifting and changing of the bubbles lead to many, many out-takes. I needed a stiff drink afterwards… luckily, I had the ice to hand πŸ˜‰

“Good words cool more than cold water.”

— John Ray


Bubbles on ice cubes.
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  1. Amaizing shot! that’s a very fine marco

  2. However difficult getting this shot the way you wanted it was, the results seem to make it more than worthwhile. Wonderfully complex image with lots of details to absorb and admire. There always seems to be a tension in ice — like the water didn’t stop flowing willingly. Excellent!

  3. My favourite of the series. Haha, funny that you had the ice on hand. You’re hilarious. Thanks for your thoughtful words on my blog yesterday.

  4. After the series of red to plunge here you is in the fluids which are splendid, well to you Martina has.

  5. Stunning shot, love the colour and framing.The hard work really paid out. I’m sure that you enjoyed it and the drink after.

  6. I agree with a previous comment, my favourite of the series! Love the bubbles and cool blue colour.

  7. very cold feeling …..

  8. the deep blue and the sharpness is fantastic. i like the abstract structure. this photo is great.

  9. This is an incredible idea and shot.

  10. Good lights and tones, difficult shoot. Congratulations

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