A dream-like winters landscape. © 2011 Martina Egli. All rights reserved.

Winter’s Dream

“She’s thinking of one winter’s day,
A few short months ago,
Then Emma’s bier was borne away
O’er wastes of frozen snow.
She’s thinking how that drifted snow
Dissolved in spring’s first gleam,
And how her sister’s memory now
Fades, even as fades a dream.”

— Charlotte Bronte. Presentiment


A dream-like winters landscape.
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  1. A quite beautiful photograph, pleasant pretty effect, well with you Martina

  2. Magnificent double exposure: it works so well with the dreamy hues. A winter wonderland taken up a notch…

  3. Really nice scenes for the double exposure effect. Great work!

  4. Brilliant composition and double exposure.

  5. its a good idea and look like poetry.

  6. I love how the trees just disappear in the mist here.

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