A red vase and a red bottle against a red wall. © 2011 Martina Egli. All rights reserved.

Red #1

Welcome to my new theme, it’s going to last for twelve days and it is of course… Red. Hope you enjoy.


A red vase and a red bottle against a red wall.
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  1. Lovely reflections on the vases. Red is good.. :)

  2. Like this red composition, and waiting for next.

  3. I love red! Great still life! Looking forward to the continuation!

  4. Great composition, i like.

  5. Rot ist meine absolute Lieblingsfarbe für Bilder. Allerdings muss es lebendig gestaltet sein, wobei Licht eine enorm wichtige Rolle spielt. Und genau das hast Du hier gekonnt eingesetzt. Ich mag im Glas und in der Wand die vielen Abstufungen dieser warmen Farbe.
    Sehr ästhetisch gestaltet.

  6. I like this picture – and your new theme. I’m curious about the next eleven pictures.

  7. This is just fantastic. The design of it especially, with your little words imprinted. Love it!

  8. Ben

    Looks like the new ikea flower vase. perfect captured and great fresh colors.

  9. A clear and wonderful red composition. Btw I like all pictures of your red theme.

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